July 1964 was the beginning of SHALOM MAGAZINE which was initially circulated to Queensland Jewry and later to readers throughout Australia and countries around the world including Israel and America.

We are proud, that after 49 years and several “reinventions” Shalom Magazine entered its Golden Jubilee 50th Year in 2014.

As founding editor it has given me great satisfaction to see our one time 4 page publication grow through several reinventions to its present size and change from a print issue to one received online via the internet.

I am most grateful for the formation of our new SHALOM editorial team who are seeing to the publication of SHALOM not just for the present but are also setting the platform for the years to come.

A special thank you to the late Mrs Norris and to Robyn Goldman, Lorraine & David Jacobs, Joel Solomon, Fred Bogusz, and Greg Young who contributed and gave so much to the publication of the printed version of SHALOM. To those who gave of their time and effort to SHALOM over the years, who I have not mentioned here by name, I express my sincere appreciation especially the various printers who served us so well from 1964 to 2012.

I would like to mention Tony Gariano and our most recent recruit Charlotte Nolan as editor, who have developed the online digital SHALOM, for their most valuable input to our publication and to David and Lorraine Jacobs who have continued to be “on board” to offer help guidance and support as SHALOM evolves into its current style with an eye for future development and the use of the latest communication technology.

Published under the banner of the Jewish National Fund of Queensland SHALOM has been and still is a great asset in linking our State of Queensland with Israel and promoting all the wonderful projects the JNF has initiated in the growth of Israel.

SHALOM started as the magazine for the community and we are proud that this role still continues to this day. SHALOM has developed and grown and is still developing to take account of changing times and needs but we are old fashioned enough to know that community values will always be at our core.

Many thanks to our advertisers and subscribers who over the years have made our SHALOM Magazine what it is today – a unique and special part of Jewish publishing in Australia – an idea which was born in 1964 and has stood the test of time to still be here 50 years later – undoubtedly due to the dedication of those who have believed in SHALOM and what it stands for – past ,present and future.

George Frey OAM
(Founding editor 1964)